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Types of Wood

Cherry Cabinets Cherry wood has a unique red tone that deepens and becomes richer as it ages. The smooth texture, beauty, and versatility of cherry wood make it a favorite among craftsmen. Virginia Cabinetry has a wide range of cherry wood cabinet, options to enhance the look of any room in your home. Cherry wood cabinets, with a fine to medium grain pattern, provide an elegant look that is suitable for contemporary or traditional styling. It is moderately hard and strong, and resists both warping and checking. While usually pinkish-brown in color, there are also shades of off-white, green and even gray. An American classic, cherry darkens beautifully with age and contains occasional knots, which gives it a unique beauty.

 Maple Cabinets Dynamic maple wood grain creates a natural style and vibrancy. With colors ranging from creamy white to soft brown, maple wood has a one of a kind look that Virginia Cabinetry brings to life in a wide variety of cabinetry options. Cabinets in maple, a strong hardwood known for its close, uniform grain. Treasured by furniture and cabinet makers for years, the fine texture of maple lends itself well to either contemporary or traditional styling. Maple wood might occasionally include curly or wavy variations in the grain pattern. Colors range from light ten or cream to yellow to light reddish-brown.  

Hickory Cabinets Hickory is a particularly string hardwood whose grain pattern varies from "open" to " closed". It varies wildly in color - ranging from a blond hue to a dark brown, with mineral streaks, knots and burls that emphasize the natural growth of yhe tree. Virginia Cabinetry hickory builds on that tradition to create a contemporary style that' always fresh, light and perfect for sharing. Hickory is admired for its dramatic variation in color and grain patterns. Due to its nature, the characteristics that define hickory occur randomly throughout the wood, and therefore some characteristics may appear relatively bland/clear, while other characteristic may be seen quite prominently. 

Oak Cabinets one of the most recognizable species of wood, Virginia Cabinetry uses oak wood for some of its finest cabinetry. With a fine grain and dense texture, oak wood permits an ideal finish to provide a visually appealing cabinet. Designed with traditional needs in mind, oak cabinets from Virginia Cabinetry are available in a wide selection of styles to match any home décor. The prominent open grain pattern and textured surface of oak cabinets make it a natural choice for those interested in a more traditional or casual country look. This hardwood is heavy-grained and durable, and its visible characteristics include mineral streaks and pin knots, with its attractive red or white oak color tones.

Walnut Cabinets feature a smooth, fine and general straight wood grain with colors that range from deep chocolate to light reddish-gray brown. Light yellow or light brown sapwood areas may also be present. Walnut offers warm, rich colors that accept finishes well. Walnut will mellow with age, and the same can be said of Walnut cabinetry. Walnut wood tends to mellow and lighten in color with age, creating a beautiful look for home interiors.

Mahogany Cabinets are moderately hard wood with straight grains that lend a sophisticated look to any kitchen or bath. Like cherry, its elegant and warm tones, range from tan to reddish-brown, darken with time and sun exposure. Mahogany is considered a tropical wood, so it is a little more expensive than cherry. If you are ready to move forward with your dream kitchen or bath, give us a call or come visit our showroom. 

Plantation Hardwood Cabinets Plantation hardwood, also known as rubber wood, is a dense, pliable wood that is ideal for cabinetry. With its flexibility in styling and exotic graining, Virginia Cabinetry designed a series of cabinets with plantation hardwood to fit any home. Plantation Hardwood, or rubber wood, is a moderately heavy timber with a color range of pale cream to yellowish-brown. Its grain is mostly straight, which combines with other unique markings to create clear patterns. Plantation Hardwood's adaptability to machining and acceptance of paints and other finishes make it ideal for traditional or transitional furniture and cabinetry. 

Birch Cabinets known for its fine, uniform texture, birch wood cabinetry from Virginia Cabinetry can be a beautiful accent for your home. With its creamy white wood grain and easy usability, birch wood cabinets offer a soft, comforting look for your home. Birch is a subtle contemporary and close-grained hardwood, whose colors go from cream to reddish-brown. Its texture is fine and even, and the grain is often straight but can also come in wavy or curly patterns, mirroring maple. With a smooth paintable surface, birch can be stained to resemble mahogany or walnut, but is typically at its best when left natural and sealed with a clear coating.

Thermofoil Cabinets Created from vinyl material wrapped over fiberboard, thermofoil cabinets from Virginia Cabinetry unite a contemporary look with exceptional durability, as well as highlight superior cleaning features. Milled from vinyl wrapped material over fiberboard, thermofoil cabinets offer contemporary styling, exceptional durability and wear properties, as well as superior cleaning features. Thermo foil is applied to cabinetry frames, giving perfect door-to-frame match in comparison to painted frames, which vary in color. 

Laminate Cabinets Developed with a clean look, laminate cabinets from Virginia Cabinetry are created with customer satisfaction in mind. With an easy to clean surface and lasting durability, laminate cabinetry allows the look of wood at a reasonable price. Low pressure laminate used in the furniture industry, allows for contemporary urban-loft styling, and easy-care cabinet attributes such cleaning and wear ability. You can obtain the look of wood with the printed maple close wood grain pattern and simple melamine material at an affordable cost.  

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